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something unilateral with debt ceiling or with guns the fight we are seeing right now and the fights we have seen in the last four years they will pail in comparison to just how locked down the whole city becomes over something like that. it would be such an incredibly melcose stand for the president to take especially on something like guns. probably less so in the debt ceiling. another thing that is shocking it senate majority leader reed and those in the senate acting unilaterally. when the last time you heard a chamber of commerce saying take the power away from us. he lost his power. >> nancy pelosi has been saying that on a number of issues as well. the american voters went to the polls hoping congress would work better together. the president's rating dipped slightly, too recently. the question is from the other side is it fair to give push back how do we get everybody to the president and get everybody to work together and actually get something done? >> the problem with that. the voters sent president obama back. but they sent the republicans in the house back. president obama keeps
. >> schieffer: let's shift the matters back here at home. money, we've got the debt ceiling argument coming up here. the government's going to run out of money at the end of february if something isn't done. do you see more of the same what we saw during this fiscal cliff or is this something better on the horizon. >> wouldn't that be great if i could say yes but i can't say yes. remember when the election ended and it looked like this was going to be an era of compromise. john boehner came out and said of course we want to work with the president. the president said of course we want to work with the public. that was shattered within about 20 minutes after both men said that. and so i don't think we're looking at compromise anywhere, it's really about who can get their way by trying to intimidate the other side more. so democrats not the president but other democrats saying hey here's a way that's not compromise. we're going to print a coin, a trill undollar coinen dollar coin. think of this sort of establishment republican saying how about a partialual shut down of the government to get what
or so. the president has too deal with the debt ceiling. he wants to pass major immigration reform. >> absolutely. >> chris: do something about climate change. has he told you how much political capital he is willing to spend on what is going to be a very tough fight? >> i think that the president has demonstrated tremendous leadership on this issue. i think the country rallied around him and h his leadership because he really was a voice for the parents who lost a child. >> chris: has he told you how much -- >> and i see from his actions and we hear from the white house and we hear from the vice president that they are going to lay down political capital on the issue and i think the one thing i would say to those people like larry and others who said we can't do anything about these issues is that whether it comes from the background checks or dealing with high capacity magazines which was the issue in newtown we can take action and to say that we should do nothing really doesn't respond to those parents in newtown who lost children in this horrible tragedy. >> chris: thank you bo
. so the whole debt ceiling thing itself is a crazy thing and forces the president to do something illegal. either to defy congress on what it told him to spend or defy them on borrowing and told him not to and have the weird loophole which everyone agrees is crazy. but is a loophole that says that the secretary of the treasury can mint a coin for any amount which is supposed to be for commemorative pieces but does avoid -- does offer a way to bypass this and all that's really doing is the way to bypass the debt ceiling. it isn't even printing money but saying, hey, we're going to say that we minted the coin. you don't even have to mint the thing, just say you did, right? >> well, you would have to but -- nobody ever has to see it. say we did it and the federal reserve says, okay, you now have a $1 trillion bank account which we will, when you withdraw funds from that, we will sell off some of our government bonds which is just a way of borrowing through the back door but it gets you past the craziness of the debt ceiling. >> that's not going to happen, and ben bernanke weighed in
in this -- in these debates, not the debt ceiling debate, not the fiscal debate. a couple of weeks ago, right after nancy pelosi came out and said that she would back something similar to what obama was backing, the chained cpi scenario for social security, which would have reduced payments for future beneficiaries -- we have been watching week by week. suddenly, you were not quite as vocal in your opposition to that. is that an indication you would support something like that in the grand bargain you are looking for? >> first, i have deeper spec for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has -- deep respect for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has worked hard on issues like climate change. the entire issue of trying to get the in dash -- get the economy going -- she is trying to move us forward. in working with the president, she was trying to help us get to a long-term solution, which i have mentioned before. she said she would consider the chain cpi, a cut in benefits for seniors, for veterans, for a lot of people who receive earned benefits. social security has not contributed a dime to
, not debt ceiling debate. >> long term discussions on social security can be on there yes. >> a couple weeks right -- >> right after nancy pelosi came out and said she would back something similar to what obama was backing which is a chained cpi to reduce payments and suddenly you weren't quite as vocal. we've been watching you and you weren't quite so vocal in your opposition to that. is that an indication that you would support something like that as part of the grand bargain? >> first i have deep respect for our leader nancy pelosi in the house. she has done remarkable things. she's allowed us to move forward on some of the biggest project this is country has before us. health care, affordable for all americans. climate change issues. the entire issue of trying to get the economy going when we were in the deppth of this great recession. so i have deep respect she was working with the president was trying to help us get to a long term solution, which i mentioned before. she said that she would consider the chained cpi which is a cut in benefits for seniors, for veterans, for a lot of folks
. but wishful thinking isn't going to make it happen. politicians can use the debt ceiling as a hostage. just like they attempted to use the fiscal cliff in an attempt get something done. something they haven't been able to do using the normal democratic process, because the system is broken. it puts off dealing with the massive mandatory spending cuts until march 1. republicans fully sbhe y intend the debt ceiling to extract concessions from democrats on spending. targeting things like social security and medicare. democrats will stand in their way, the u.s. will find itself at another dead-end just like 2011. threatened to shut down the government and possibly result in a credit rating downgrade again. >>> but outside washington, the road to america's prosperity looks brighter. foreclosures are down, home sales and housing prices are up. the s&p 500, you may have something like this in your 401(k), it hit a five-year high this week. and a rebound in domestic energy production and manufacturing could lead to a true economic renaissance in america. according to the latest forecast, u.s. oil i
, gretchen morgenson on the mortgage lending rules, and then a talk on debt ceiling options. after, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms bureau' evan perez, tomorrow on "washington journal," 7:00 a.m. eastern. with the inauguration just seven days away, preparations were outside the capital, with stand- in's for the president, first lady, joe biden, and his wife. it is one of the many ceremonies taking place on inauguration day. >> forward, march. ♪ march. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you can watch the public inaugural ceremonies marking the beginning of president obama's second term, including the swearing in, the luncheon, and the parade. the roc the day, we will take your phones, calls, and on twitter. this is a
the country hostage if they don't vote for the debt ceiling, saying we need the funds to pay for obigations we have already are incurred and they blame the republicans for the last credit downgrade because they didn't want to vote on the debt ceiling. >> president obama voted against increasing the debt ceiling. i find it weeferd that his allies, are saying that the people who do that are bads. we have an interesting time coming up. in the next few weeks in the united states, we have the debt ceiling will get to the point of default. we have the tennessee continuing resolution under which the government is running, expires march 28. the sequestration which was put off two months. if i were at the level of a dictator here, i would take the debt ceiling and push it off to say, june 30. you can't fight all three at the same time. a., i believe the democrats are as scared of the sequestration as the republicans are. there is nothing you can cut on the debt ceiling you can't cut on the continuing resolution. so i would say, mr. president, we are going to put the debt ceiling off to june 30. let me
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)